Reading Capital Volume 1, Chapter 1: The Commodity

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The following is my notes from reading chapter 1 of Karl Marx’s Capital and chapter 1 of David Harvey’s Limits to Capital – along with lecture notes. They are not particularly structured, nor do I make any assurance that my interpretations are correct. 1 THE TWO FACTORS OF THE COMMODITY: USE-VALUE AND VALUE (SUBSTANCE OF […]

How volcanoes helped to shape the world we live in

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Guest Post From BBC Active The mention of volcanoes usually conjures up images of a terrifying force of nature which will destroy anything that cannot escape from its path. We visualise the obliteration of homes, wildlife, forests, and indeed any human life which stands in the way of the molten lava, ash and noxious gases from […]

Forgotten Subterranean Sites of Manchester – Heritage Sites Or Valuable Gentrification Spaces?

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How often those who walk the streets of Manchester look upon its rich architectural heritage – Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Station, the Town Hall, the Royal Exchange and the gates to the old Smithfield Markets Markets to name but a few. They’re heralded as landmarks, of cultural poignancy and significance. Yet how infrequently the same is […]

Facing the true projections of climate change

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Foreword: The following is produced from my notes and interpretations of a seminar given by Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre, a UK-based climate research centre. Entitled: “Real Clothes for the Emperor: Facing the challenges of climate change”. I found it a wake-up call in terms of the timescale and magnitude upon which we must act […]

Edelweiss: Pre Columbians

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The following review was produced for SVANApaper, and is listed here for archival purposes. Please click here to view the original. Edelweiss are a four piece indie band from Pennsylvania, comprised of Tommy, Niko, Tony and Coby, and are set to release their debut EP ‘Pre-Columbians’ on September 13th. Think Foals style drumming and guitar […]

How to respond to climate change

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Climate change is perhaps the single most prevalent contemporary geographical issue and whilst there are contestations to both what extent climate is really changing, and the anthropogenic factor of such change, it seems often that the similar variability in opinions of approaches to response is overlooked. There are essentially two different responses to climate change, […]