Climate Change

This page is part of an A-Level project on climate change. It served as a really useful project in uncovering what I believed and where I stood with regard to contemporary climate change. Though often this report is incoherent and a bit “half baked”, it scored well for the academic level that I was at the time and I believe it to be a useful resource. It helped me to understand that the anthropogenic portion of climate change is the unusual rate of change that sits atop these underlying drivers of climatic change that generally operate on much greater timescales. Respected institutions and legions of academics acknowledge the anthropogenic component to change and its significance for the future, as do I.


“An analysis of the potential alternative causes of global warming.”

Society is persistently told that global warming is anthropogenic, or “man-made”, to which we are told that it is resultant from carbon dioxide emissions. This has often been contested persistently by so-called conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is a natural phenomenon. This forms the basis of my project, for I noted the vast polarization and questioned whether in fact some truth may be found on either side.

I have broken my project down in to the following sections: