Joe Blakey Approved Fact List

My idea of a good evening is putting my feet up and watching QI. I have a bit of a habit that stems from it, rooting in books or dusty corners of the internet for the stuff thats really interesting. I guess this page is the result of it. The facts are from various places, stumbleupon is a favourite of mine, as is the QI bumper book of facts. But anyway… here for your enjoyment, are the ones that really captivated my mind.

Joe Blakey Approved Facts!

  1. Hey jingo is the opposite of hey presto
  2. In 1811 1/4 of the women in England were called Mary
  3. The plural of dwarf is dwarrows
  4. Draft names for the dwarrows in snow white were flabby, dirty, shifty, lazy, baldy, burpy and biggo-ego.
  5. Bug bunny is a hare
  6. Herod’s first wife was called Doris
  7. Pol Pot was a geography teacher
  8. The German military are growing breasts from slapping their rifles against the left hand side of their chests, stimulating a hormone causing them to grow.
  9. If you feed curry to a sheep it reduces the methane in its burps by 40%
  10. In films from the west the good guys move left to right and the bad vice versa. As we read left to right movement in the opposite direction makes us feel uncomfortable
  11. The first incubators were a tourist attraction on Coney Island
  12. Baby Koalas are weened on to food by their mother’s excrement, that they consume as a soup directly from their bottoms
  13. …between fifty and eighty percent of them have chlamydia
  14. The Chuppa Chupps logo was designed by Salvador Dali
  15. The anus is the first part of the body to develop in the womb
  16. The founder of Pan America Airlines was called Juan Trippe
  17. Cows moo in regional accents
  18. John Cleese’s fathers surname was cheese, he grew up 10 miles away from a place called cheddar and his best friend was called Barney Butter.
  19. In 2012 Advertising Standards ordered a furniture store to stop advertising their prices as “Sofa King Low”
  20. Russia’s dialling code is 007
  21. In 1881 only 6 people in Britain were called Derek
  22. All bugs suck… Other insects are incapable of it
  23. A burning candle creates 1.5 million tiny diamonds a minute, but sadly these nano-particles are burned up in the process
  24. “Kicking the bucket” comes from when farmers send cows to slaughter and they put a bucket under them while they are positioned on the pulley system. Sometimes they kick it over as they’re killed.
  25. The dyslexia research centre is in Reading
  26. Humans and elephants are the only animals with chins