What’s Really Going On?

The concept of ‘thinking outside of the box’ is perhaps more difficult than first imagined. To address why you must first consider why you may think ‘in a box’. The ‘box’ is a context, an idea, values, a belief, selfishness and / or a vested interest, in which case your thoughts on the matter may be biased. So in order to overcome this you have to reject such limitations. Any relating preexisting thought therefore limits and strays free thinking. Which is why any prejudice occurs, but more importantly to my writings, why ‘conspiracy theorists’ are likely to believe in other conspiracies. The notion of calling oneself a conspiracy theorist is therefore putting you in a box. Saying that you believe in the same thing as everyone else, akin to how a Christian would be accepted to believe in God. I therefore advocate free thought and individualism. I ask you to consider the matters which I discuss for yourself. I similarly do not believe in ungrounded thought, beliefs and ideas are very different. When there is uncertainty I express things as ideas, because to say I believe in them would be ungrounded thought.

Over the coming months, I intend to explore some of the following questions:

  • Is society ever fair with capitalist motivations?
  • Why do global hardships really exist?
  • Why has money become synonymous with debt?
  • Why are we subjected to negative media and ‘junk’ TV?
  • Do those who govern have vested interests?
  • Is globalisation and social homogenisation really a good thing?
  • Are Freud-style marketing techniques justified?
  • Are you really free?
  • What’s really going on?…

I challenge you, the reader, to well… read them! But more importantly, to develop your own thoughts on life, the world, how individuals are acting in it and most importantly your life upon this world. I do not wish to simply transpose my thoughts on to you, but more to bring variation in to the world, so we can seek what’s best for everyone as an individual rather than for ‘society’.