About Joe

Joe is a PhD researcher from Manchester. His PhD is in Human Geography, funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute at The University of Manchester.

I work on the relation between politics and accounting, principally through the lenses of carbon accounting and smart cities. I have a theoretical interest in the political, post-democracy, post-foundational thinking and political ecology. 


My Research

Whilst global emissions are on the rise, notionally ‘developed’ nations are declaring that their emissions are stabilised. But as our economies become increasingly global and interconnected there is an increasing spatiotemporal separation between producers and consumers. With this, the material flows of products are marked by complicated supply chains, prompting many perspectives of who is responsible for the increasing carbon emissions. Accordingly, carbon footprints may be measured in numerous ways.  However, since 1995, the IPCC has defined the way in which we account for our carbon footprints. My research does not seek to advocate or critique this metric, but seeks to investigate the consequences of this carbon accounting metric for climate change politics and mitigation.

A-Level Geography Resource

When I was completing my A-Levels I started this blog as a record of my Geography notes. I covered both the physical and human components of the syllabus.

I've been contacted by students and teachers alike who have told me that it has been a useful resource. It's for this reason that I've maintained it ever since. The A-Level syllabus is ever changing so please do not use this site as the sole resource for your work.

Good luck with your studies!

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