Hi there, I’m Joe, a geographer and music journalist. Here are my credentials.

I’m a Masters in Geographical Science student at the University of Manchester. Most recently I’ve become interested in the politics surrounding how we choose to measure our carbon footprints and have written plenty on the matter, here is a piece by Red Pepper magazine on my work. I’m also a member of the People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team.  I’ve recently worked to help digitise key plans of Manchester produced between 1926 and 1967. I am now assisting with the digitisation of the City Engineers’ Index Cards at Manchester Central Library. During my undergraduate studies I was Co-Chair of Manchester University Geographical Society (2012-13) and I was in charge of it’s academic faction.

This site is mostly testament to my interest in the field of Geography and showcases an amalgam of my interests. I’ve written a lot about climate change, but I have also discussed the banking system amongst other topics. These are discussed in the Geographical Issues section. I also have a vast array of geographical articles that I wrote during my time studying at A-Level, which can be found in the A2 Geography section. Though it seems my most popular piece is a case study of the Japanese Tsunami.

I’m also (when time allows) an independent Music Journalist. However I am most known for creating, administrating and co-owning the Two Door Cinema Club fan site, basementpeople.com. My work has allowed me unique opportunities to interview bands, manage websites that have gleaned over 4,700 daily visitors and I was even once asked to write something for NME. Some of my reviews and thoughts crop up on this site. I also have a background in web and graphic design. On the whole, I’ve been a bit busy!

Feel free to have a look around!