I am a Lecturer in Human Geography at The University of Manchester, interested in:

  • Political and Environmental Geography
  • Post-foundational political theory and its applications within Geography
  • Debates surrounding the post-political, de-politicisation and re-politicisation
  • Aesthetics
  • Cultures of environmental expertise
  • Accounting, metrics and standardisation
  • The relation between carbon accounting and politics
  • Governance
  • Smart, sustainable and zero-carbon cities
  • Disciplinary debates

My Research

Much of my recent work has focused on the (post)politics of carbon accounting. This research explores the politics of territorial carbon accountability and challenges the idea that standard-setters and expert accountants are neutral. My research has asked what expert accounting and standardisation have meant for politics and considered what it might mean to repoliticise accounting.

Conceptually, post-foundational political theories have animated much of my research. I am particularly interested in the work of Jacques Rancière and the roles that post-foundational political theories might play in Geography