I am an Environmental and Political Geographer whose work focuses on examining the political and social challenges of human-environment relations and post-carbon futures. My research largely focuses on three often interrelated agendas: (i) furthering post-foundational political theories within Human Geography, (ii) contributing to literature on the politics of aesthetics, and (iii) understanding the role of experts in shaping political and social change.

Key interests:

  • Post-foundational political theory and its applications within Geography
  • Debates surrounding the post-political, de-politicisation and re-politicisation
  • The political thought of Jacques Rancière
  • Theories of aesthetics and their applications in Geography
  • Cultures of environmental expertise
  • The political role of accounting, metrics and standardisation
  • Urban climate governance
  • (Net) zero-carbon cities
  • Often overlooked alternative carbon accountabilities, such as aviation emissions, consumption-based emissions, investment-based or downstream emissions, and historical emissions debt.
  • Human Geography's relationship with the concept of scale